Horseradish Goat Cheese


* * *

Once upon a time, there lived a lonely beet in my fridge. He stayed in the cool, dark vegetable drawer for over 3 weeks, waiting patiently to be invited to the nightly dinner party. However, the only way he could be eaten was with a tart, creamy girlfriend to balance out his sweet, earthiness.

I didn’t feel like driving to the grocery store for just one ingredient. Luckily, a variety of local cheeses is sold at one of my jobs, Firelight Camps. I opened the camp store mini fridge, and browsed the selection: brie, cheddar…CHEVRE! We usually have plain or herbed in stock, but all that was left was horseradish…tons of it. I guess no one was brave enough to try it…until I came along.

* * *



Name: Chèvre Horseradish

Brand: Nettle Meadow

Origin: Warrensburg, New York

Varieties: Mixed Herb, Tellicherry Pepper & Lemon Verbena, Pumpkin Spice



Ingredients: pasteurized goat’s milk, horseradish root, sea salt, lactic cultures, vegetarian enzymes

Calories: 1 oz = 100 calories

Replaces: cream cheese



  • super creamy, soft, & spreadable
  • horseradish flavor comes through
  • no funky ingredients
  • legit farm-fresh cheese (you can taste the difference!)



  • was expecting it to have more kick!
  • no expiration date! I don’t know how long it will last, perhaps it’s container helps preserve freshness.
  • pricey, but in this case, you get what you pay for (cuz this is good sh*t)



  • like dill pickles
  • slightly sweet, tangy, pungent
  • creamy & soft



Recipe: Horseradish Rice Omelette

Other Products: Nettle Meadow Cheeses



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