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My boyfriend, Jordan, spent the summer in California where he discovered maté. Being a coffee addict and all, he has to start his morning with a cup a Joe or he’ll turn into mister cranky pants. One day he and some friends decided to go out for breakfast. When he saw there was no coffee on the menu he was ready to ditch. BUT the waiter pointed out a special tea that would surely satisfy his caffeine carvings. He ordered, skeptically.

“It was f*king awesome,” he told me over the phone.

I was so intrigued, I just had to try it myself.

While I love a hot cup of really good coffee, I’m not dependent on it. But for all the java-bred animals out there, this is NO ordinary tea. It has the fatigue-fighting powers of coffee, minus the jitters or upset stomach. It has 20 times the amount of antioxidants than green tea (yay! no more cancer!). AND you drink it through a filtered metal straw or bombilla.

It’s a bad-ass super tea I tell ya! Give it a try!

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Names: maté, caffeinated tea, liquid vegetable, drink of the Gods

Brand: Guayakí

History & Culture: Indigenous rainforest tribes were the first to discover mate. According to ancient folklore, the Goddesses of the Moon and Clouds visited Earth one day. On route, they encountered a dangerous jaguar and an old man came to their rescue. As a thank you, the deities gave him a new species of plant—one that invigorates and nourishes. Today, mate is shared and enjoyed in groups (imagine drinking 1 cup of coffee with 10 other people). A gourd filled with loose-leaf tea is passed around from person to person, continuously filling it with water.

Plant: Ilex paraguariensis 

Origin: South America

Varieties: bottled, canned, energy shots, tea bags



Benefits: regulates metabolism, aides digestion, stimulates focus and mental clarity

Nutrients: Calcium, Manganese, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, antioxidants, and caffeine

Calories: 0

Replaces: coffee or green/black tea



Store: near tea or energy drinks

Online: Amazon or Guayakí



  • smokey
  • earthy
  • mellow
  • like a forest!



  • Gives off a smooth focus and rather than that sharp buzz we get from coffee.
  • If you’re used to green teas taste, then you’ll love mate. It’s deeper in flavor. For those of you with a sweet tooth, add honey and a squeeze of lemon juice. Or buy the sweetened iced tea version.
  • Fun to drink with the straw or bombilla. I highly recommend buying them. They’re inexpensive and an awesome replacement for loose-leaf tea strainers.



  • It comes in gradually. You won’t feel the affects right away. You have to be patient, it WILL sneak up on you.
  • Sometimes I don’t feel the affects. Could be because I’ve grown accustom to it, or because I’m not using enough loose-leaf tea.


~*~ MORE  ~*~

How to brew: Traditional, french press, coffee maker, tea pot     

Products: Gourds & Bombilla





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