Hearts of Palm


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I hoard BoldBites ingredients in my cupboard, some of which I’ve had even before I started this blog; Hearts of Palm is one of them. My mom gave me 2 cans, saying they were PopPop’s favorite. I guess I held on to them for so long because I thought one day I’d be brave enough to try them for PopPop’s sake. Welp, that day has come since it’s one of the few Whole30-approved ingredients I have.

I recently went to a restaurant that had hearts of palm in their house salad. Must’ve been a sign. During my researched I was shocked to see how versatile they are in cooking. You can top them on pizza, fry them like crab cakes, or mash them into a dip!

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Names: hearts of palm, palmito, chonta, swamp cabbage, or peach palm

Brand: Roland

History & Culture: Hearts of palm has been eaten for thousands of years–prior to Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the New World. Today it is a staple ingredient found in Brazilian and Floridian cooking. It is the core in the stem of a palm tree. Harvesting is done when the palm tree reaches a certain height and diameter, which is appropriate for quality and freshness.

Plant: palm trees

Origin: South America



Benefits: improves digestive health, assists in calcium strengthening, regulates blood pressure

Nutrition: fiber, potassium, iron, zinc, vitamin B6

Calories: 1/2 cup = 25 calories

Replaces: artichoke or asparagus



Store: near other canned-vegetables or, the in international section

Online: Amazon



  • soft with a slight crunch
  • briny but mild
  • tastes kinda like pee



  • very mild
  • they’re pretty healthy for you, lots of nutrients (probably why PopPop liked them–he was a doctor)



  • not particularly exciting for the palate
  • very very salty


~*~ MORE  ~*~

How it’s Made: harvest & canning




You’d never guess these were Palm Cakes.


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