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Disclaimer: This blog isn’t for the faint of heart, or should I say faint of palate (sorry, picky eaters).



Names: Tess · Bold Bites · Kitchen.Tessting · T-bone · T · Tessla · Contessa · Tessler Wessler · Bebe Tess · Girly

About me: Tess Le Moing is a kitchen elf. Small in size, but big with optimism, diligence, and imagination. In the mythical land of Ithaca, NY, she went to school to study Writing and left with a goal to make food for a living. One day, a forest nymph took the inexperienced elf under her wing as a kitchen assistant. Every week they meticulously (and repeatedly!) tested recipes for the nymphs cookbook, Feast by Firelight. On the side, Tess worked at her favorite local café because she might one day run her own! The elf next found herself in another test kitchen for a startup business. Then a rough and tough restaurant as a prep/line cook, and finally a cheese shop! When Tess isn’t cooking at work, she’s cooking at home.

About this blog: This is where all my quirky kitchen creations come true. Bold Bites Blog explores the fabulous new culinary ingredients available in the U.S. It challenges and rewards those who seek more than plain ol’ cookies ‘n cream. Simple(ish) recipes featuring unique ingredients is the key to keeping things fun and exciting in my kitchen, and I hope yours too! To see what I’m cooking outside of this blog, check out my Instagram!

Mission: To discover new ingredients and create recipes with twists accessible to all! I want to teach you how to be more open with food because let’s face it, you’ll never like new foods unless you give yourself the chance to try them. Get ready for some seriously excellent, exceptionally easy ways to serve excitement on your plate. (You haven’t truly lived until you’ve tried bacon jam!)

Country of Origin: Born in France · Grew up in New Jersey · Studied in Ithaca

Music: This is my favorite soundtrack to cook to. If I’m in a more chill mood, I like to cook to this. I think it’s SO important to cook with music, that’s why I list song suggestions in my recipes. Keep cooking fun. Love it. Taste it. Lukewarm is no good. — Roald Dahl



Diet: None. I eat whatever I want.* But I have attempted one, read more about it here.

Exercise: yoga · hiking · cleaning my kitchen · working at the restaurant · walking my dog

Favorite meal of the day: brunch—eggs, bacon, and toast are my go-to, but once in a while I like to spice things up by using papaya hot sauce, truffle salt, or even bone marrow butter.

Favorite weird meal: peanut butter & pickle sandwich

Hobbies: cooking · eating · reading · binging shows on Netflix · knitting · doing puzzles



Stores: Wegman’s · Green Star · Barns & Noble · The Salvation Army

Online: Zingerman’s · Bold Bites · Greatist · Papa Louie Arcade · Food Porn Daily



People: Mom · Papa · my sister · my friends (old and new) · my neighbors · Emma Frisch · Ina Garten · Frankie Celenza · Joann Spinelli · PopPop · Mammi

TV Shows: F*ck That’s Delicious · Binging with Babish · Cooking with Dog · French Guy Cooking · Great British Bake Off · Chef’s Table · Somebody Feed Phil  · Samurai Gourmet 



  • I know the complete Micheal Jackson Thriller dance
  • K-Pop boy bands are my guilty pleasure
  • I compost!
  • I don’t wear makeup that often
  • Je parle français
  • I keep my bread in the freezer
  • I’m a pineapple-on-pizza advocate
  • I can roll my R’s
  • I’m a lefty
  • Before cooking, I thought I wanted to be a doctor, masseuse, fashion designer, movie director, anthropologist, book editor, and yoga teacher.
  • This blog started out as my Senior Thesis



The Kitchn

NY Times Cooking

Serious Eats


All Recipes

America’s Test Kitchen

Still Tasty


Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking





Breakfast: Flat Omelet with Buttered Toast

Snack: Nibbles of Food from Work (i.e. Chips and Guac)

Lunch: Soup & Salad

Snack: Nibbles of Food from Work (i.e. Cheese Samples)

Cocktail: $7 Wine in a Bubble Bath

Dinner: Wild Salmon & Veggies · Bold Bites leftovers

Dessert: Dark Chocolate · Bold Bites leftovers

Late Night Snack: A Bowl of Cereal · Stovetop Popcorn







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